“I wanted to thank you and your staff for the most amazing show I’ve ever been to. I’ve been a hairdresser for 36 years, and am still so passionate about what I do—but this show was off the charts…the most important message I give my staff and clients is to PAY IT FORWARD!!! The only way to be successful is to help other people become successful. God bless you and your amazing team for allowing us crazy hairdressers the opportunity to rise to higher places!” —Suzette Audia

"I have told all of my friends that the COLOR, Cut & Style Show sets the precedence for excellence! It will forever change your thoughts about higher education. The BTC staff, Mary, and the sensational platform educators were so wonderful and friendly to everyone!” —Joie Wallace

"Sitting here pondering the 3 days of COLOR, Cut & Style in Florida, and to say I left FULL is an understatement. I’m so grateful for everything that has happened in my life—good, bad, you name it—because all these roads have led me here. THANK YOU for this life-changing opportunity. I can’t say that enough.” —Margarita Ford

"COLOR, Cut & Style was truly the MOST incredible and inspiring weekend of my career. I flew in hoping to connect with my idols and I am coming home with great friends. I feel blessed, I feel grateful, I feel proud. I've sacrificed so much—especially in the last year—and this experience is validation that I am on the right path. I am living my DREAM. Believe In Yourself.” —Monika Quatrano (@hairbymonika.q)

"COLOR, Cut & Style was an absolutely epic weekend. To see my work blown up on the big screen was a tear-jerker. To be a two-time nominee for this year’s #ONESHOT Awards is such a huge honor. Thank you—I will never forget this feeling. I will never forget the amazing friends I've made. I will never forget the support and love I've received from artists all over the country. There are so many beautiful reasons I do what I do, and this is definitely one of them.” —@hairbystephscissorhands

"COLOR, Cut & Style was my first show and I can't believe how inspiring it was. I got to meet and hangout with so many stylists that I admire and hope to be like one day. Thank you, Mary and BTC, for everything you have done. Your story truly touched my heart. I can only hope to inspire someone the way you have inspired all of us!” —Anna Chung

"Just sitting here reflecting on my amazing trip to COLOR, Cut & Style! I'm the luckiest hairdresser in the world. Thanks mostly to Mary and the team for hosting a great show and #ONESHOT awards. @amandarourke624 thanks for being my partner in crime. @mattyconrad thanks for letting me tag along as your "work wife" 😂 and to all the best hairdressers, thanks for letting me pick your brain and share our craft. It's an honour to be in this industry with you!!” —Cassi Young Paxton

“My days at COLOR, Cut & Style were some for the record books. As look at my published nominations in the magazine, I can't help but think all my hard work has truly been acknowledged. Like I always say, “Do it with a passion or don't do it at all.” It was truly the best hair show I have ever been to.” —@vanessastylesyou

“I came home feeling like a brand new stylist—ready to conquer the world! I was really inspired by the celebrities and how they are hairdressers just like us. I came back to the salon telling all the girls how fabulous these celebrity colorists are!” —Heather Potucek, Style America Salon, Hermitage, TN

“I was very inspired by the techniques demonstrated. The show really inspired me to think of color in a new and different way and made me want to be more skilled with color, so I can offer my clients the latest looks in color trends.” —Carol Deal, Independent Salon/Spa Owner, Stylist & Colorist, Esthetician & Make-Up Artist, Carol’s Hair & Skin Care, Grand Junction, CO

“I fell in love with my job again. I absolutely love color and the show/education really inspired me to look at color as exciting again and that the limits are endless! I will definitely be coming again.” —Kari Lahde, Stylist & Colorist, Urban Edge Studios, Hockley, TX

“I especially enjoyed your presentation—Shine Up…The Space Between Good and Great. It was so good that I listened instead of taking notes because the voice in my head was saying, ‘PAY ATTENTION TO MARY!'” —Diana Bonifas, Capri College, Dubuque, IA

“Mary! Thank you so much! This is my first show with you. I understand where your dream came from now. You are truly an amazing woman! You go, girl!” —Lisa Olsson, Livy Lou’s Salon, Prescott, AZ

“Seeing all of the confidence on the stage and listening to the celebrity stylists dealing with the same issues that we do made me believe in myself a lot more and realize that we are only human and we each do what we can to the best of our ability.” —Nicole James, Kore Salon, Farmington, MO

“I have been doing hair for 17 years, and I love going to classes and shows. It was so inspiring to be surrounded by such creative individuals. I loved hearing the artists speak during the panel, and Mary’s speech Monday morning. I LOVE what I do and it’s great to be reminded why.” —Angela McMahon, Angie at Salon Lofts, Cleves, OH

“What a brilliant, giving and caring machine you have assembled. I am so very excited by the show—my creative juices are flowing. I am equally excited for our industry. Please come back to NOLA next year!” —Sam Brocato, Sam Brocato Salon, New York City

“I was inspired by the humble artists expressing their love for us and the industry. The encouragement was so nice to get. I enjoyed that we saw fun styles and colors, but also realistic trends to take back to the salon. The connection with the other stylists and artists could be felt even without speaking about it. I don’t ever want to miss a year of this show.” —Tina Hanselman, Changes Salon, Troy, NY

“Just wanted to let y’all know that y’all are doing amazing and it’s been fantastic. Keep it up, and great job, Mary and the staff of BTC! I can’t wait for next year so I can spread the love to all my fellow hair lovers!” —Veronica Le, J Thompson Salons, Woodlands, TX

“I was so inspired by the overall attitude of the attendees and the artists. 99 percent of the people I talked to were so excited to share knowledge and learn from each other. I left every conversation on a high and re-energized in my passion for hair.” —Amanda Essink, Serenity Salon and Spa, Lincoln, NE

“What inspired me the most was to see the passion and love.” —Michelle Stewart, The Conservatory Salon, Kingwood, TX

“It was so nice to have everything on one stage. Very different and so effective!” —Heather Potucek, Salon Manager, Colorist & Stylist, Hermitage, TN

“I was, once again, very inspired by the COLOR Show. I love the diversity of artists and all of the different visions and techniques that come with that. I couldn’t wait to get back to the salon and try some new stuff out! My clients are always excited to see something fresh and new.” —Gary Brito, Independent Salon/Spa Owner, Stylist & Colorist, Willowbrook, IL

“When you’re doing hair for 40+ a week, you can feel like you’re stuck in a rut. This show really helped give me a refreshed perspective on getting to do hair.” —Karla Nichols, Stylist, East Ridge, TN

“The show made me fall in love with hair color.” —Connie Alrodan, Cosmetology Student, Glasgow, KY

“I cried a few times, with Mary, in her morning inspiration presentation. She really knows us hairstylists and how we think and feel about our industry. I was so moved by the level of educational presentations. I was on an emotional high the entire weekend! Best show. Ever!!!” —Lisa Woods, Stylist, Wild Ivy Salon & Day Spa, Benton, AR

“It was great seeing all the presenters and how passionate they are about what they do. It makes you feel good that we as hairdressers make a difference in so many people’s lives.” —Kristie Tritten, Stylist, Eyota, MN

“I truly enjoyed the experience. I loved the Doves, Beth Minardi and the TIGI team. I really was impacted by Mary’s talk on Monday and decided to specialize in color. I’d been torturing myself trying to cut better and work on my weaknesses. There I was given the courage to focus on my strength! I came away from the event both fed as an artist and given practical tools for my trade.” —Angela Schiller, Colorist, Paul Morrison Colours, Longmont, CO

“Incredible! It inspired me to not hold back. Think outside the box. And to be proud of the work I do. And that I’m worth it!” —Tana Thomas, Stylist & Colorist, Edmond, OK

“It was all technique and no sales pitch in the normal 'hair show' format. Techniques you could use and left inspired.” —Dana Langford, Stylist, Goodlettsville, TN