“Mary’s energy can be felt when she speaks to us”

Her passion for this industry is so heartfelt and I love it. She lights a fire in me and I always leave remembering her words because they are so impactful and inspirational! I’m so appreciative of what she has brought to our industry and look forward to catching every single show from here on out and as many On Tour shows as I can as well! Thank you so much Mary! ‑Heather

“The BTC Show was life-changing for me”

This weekend was life-changing for me and I can not say enough how much I needed this, how much we all needed this. I felt more inspired and connected to my craft and industry more than ever before. This show was everything to me this year. ‑Rebecca M.

“Never felt MORE like my authentic self”

I have never been in a space where I felt like I could truly be free to be my most authentic self without judgment or negativity because I was surrounded by motivated, dreamy like-minded people. The BTC Show is now something I’ve committed to annually, so I have the beautiful experience, sense of community and excellent education every year! ‑@balayagebride

“Upgraded my goals & ready to bring the heat!”

Being in the same room as all these incredible stylists really lit a fire under me. Seeing and hearing everybody else’s passion burn for this industry shows me that I’m here for a reason. The people that I have surrounded myself with and look up to in this industry inspired me to upgrade my goals. I cannot wait to continue creating this next year and really bring the heat that I know I am capable of.

Thank you @behindthechair_com for putting on this show and reminding us artists that we are capable of so much more and to push ahead every single day… We are standing behind the chair for a purpose!

“The industry’s best & most humble artists”

I’m grateful to you @thebtcshow for firing up my passion and growth in this industry. I’m seriously on such a high right now! And I don’t plan on coming back down. I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn from the industry’s best and most humbling artists. I’m grateful to share this career and passion with thousands who only want to see each other succeed. I’m just forever grateful, and I can’t wait to come back year after year, better and better.

“Never missing the show again!”

This was the first time I have been to the show. I will go every year from now on. ‑@blendedbybrush

“Far superior to ANY show I have attended!”

The love, kindness and inclusivity that everyone showed was incredible. That alone was inspiring. The talent, tips and tricks from all the educators and BTC crew go unmatched. Far superior to any other show I have attended. I left the show invigorated, inspired and ready to blow everyone away! ‑Jack A.

“That stage! Those screens! The artists, OH MY!”

I couldn’t get over the media and the way everything was presented, the stage, screens and the extra screens way in the back so everyone had a good view. Of course I’ve picked up tips, tricks, and technical techniques, plus fangirled over and chatted with so many of my hair heroes, but what you take from @thebtcshow is so much more than that. I made a choice that “good” is not good enough for me. I aspire to be great, a master of my craft, and to surround myself with like-minded individuals, of which I’ve met quite a few this weekend. Do NOT miss this show! You’ll leave believing the sky’s the limit.

“Only the cream of the crop on stage!”

I needed the boost of creativity and connection to other artists from all over the world. On stage was the cream of the crop—unlike other shows where all the same artists are there. ‑Christine S.

“I was leaving hair…until I went to The BTC Show”

This show was a make or break for my career. If I wasn’t inspired, I was leaving hair. Going solo took a lot, but it was such an amazing experience. I came home and was ready to go to work and try everything new I learned. WHICH WAS A LOT! 13 years in the industry. Single mother of three. I’ve never been so driven. You’ll see me soon! ‑Adriana B.